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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel, “Life Everlasting” is penned by noted author David H. Keller, M. D.  Harry Ackerman had discovered something utterly fantastic, but he wasn’t sure of what to do with it!  Harry created a miracle concoction, a serum that seemed to be a cure for a myriad of diseases and afflictions, providing mankind with what seemed to be a pathway to immortality.  For five years he had tested the serum on lower animals with great success—and now he was ready for human trials.  But Harry knew such a miraculous discovery would be looked upon skeptically by many in the scientific world.  He ran the risk of being labeled a scientific crackpot—a kook with a laboratory at his disposal.  So Harry started quietly, outside scientific circles.  But before long his miracle drug had become a world-wide sensation, helping countless people overcome disease and death.  But with every great discovery there is a price to be paid.  And soon the world was asking itself which it preferred—mortal life, or immortality with the consequences that went along with it?  The second novel is “Forever We Die,” penned by top-of-the-line sci-fi author Milton Lesser.  Phil Rhodes had his dream job, doing fieldwork on the planet Kedak.  It was an awesome opportunity for a student, studying his specialty—extraterrestrial anthropology.  Then, while working among the ruins of an ancient city, he had made an incredible discovery:  The tablets of Balata ‘kai—“Book of the Dead.”  These ancient records held a treasure trove of knowledge, detailing the birth of the Kedaki civilization.  It was a remarkable anthropological find!  But there was something else in those records, a dark, sinister secret that Phil Rhodes had never anticipated.  Unfortunately for him, the mere possession of that knowledge put a target squarely on his back. And soon, faced with the agonies of Kedaki cruelty and blood-freezing torture, Rhodes knew that his life would be forfeit if he revealed the location of the ancient tablets—tablets that contained a thread of lies that had suppressed a civilization for centuries.

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