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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel “The Osilans” is by one of science fiction’s most underrated authors, Arthur J. Burks.  They were called the Osilans.  They came from the ocean’s depths—and only Jay Bard knew of them and their super human powers.  Bard had been living a peaceful Pennsylvanian lifestyle as an amateur science fan, complete with a homemade oscillograph in his basement.  He enjoyed tuning in his radio so that the “shadows” of radio celebrity voices would appear on the oscillograph as wavering green graphs; graphs that Bard had learned to read and recognize.  But one day strange patterns appeared on his oscillograph, patterns that defied logical explanation.  And soon Jay Bard was driven to a fantastic conclusion—he was in contact with a strange new intelligence. This intelligence, though, was less than friendly toward the human race, and soon Bard was thrust into a terrifying world of incredible adventure—an adventure that would bring him face to face with the mysterious Osilans…  The second novel “The Metal Monster” is a wonderful gem written by E. K. Jarvis.   Mankind had been conquered, not by alien hordes from outer space, but by a strange race of humanoids right here on Earth.  They called themselves the Uighurs. They had been hidden from the rest of the world for centuries, inside the lost valleys of Tibet.  No one in the civilized world had seen it coming, but when the Uighurs did come, it took them only a handful of years to subjugate most of the world’s population.  The old countries and cities of humankind were obliterated.  What was left was a populace of stragglers and hangers-on.  Even worse, many of these desperate survivors became “Joiners,” swearing allegiance to their new masters and driving down the boots of discipline onto their fellow man.  But for free men there was still one last hope—The Council of Scientists, a renegade group in the far-off mountains that still possessed the technical means to mount a fight.  But when Bruce Barr, a scientist operative, saw a fantastic giant machine striding out of the sea, he knew the last hopes of freeing mankind were in grave peril.

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