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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel “Next Door to the Sun” is written by well-known sci-fi veteran, Stanton A. Coblentz.  A little more than five centuries before Roy Bentley and Chris Hartridge set out for Mercury, Earth had been devastated in a Nuclear War.  After a barrage of hydrogen bombs, the original nations had ceased to be, and the world’s population had dropped by ninety-five percent!  But amid the panic of those last days, tens of thousands had boarded spaceships and set out for other planets.  Unfortunately, the Russians had been first to Mars, while the Westerners had aimed for Venus and Mercury.  But from most of these interplanetary pioneers, no word had ever come back to Earth.  Now, five centuries later, with the revival of science and space travel, a great question was being asked:  Might not some of the descendants of the original space travelers have survived?  It was in an attempt to answer this enigmatic question that Bentley and Hartridge set out across space…  The second novel “Martian Nightmare,”  is a great short novel by one of the more underrated science fiction authors of the 20th Century, Bryce Walton.  Bouncing back and forth between mystery and science fiction, Walton left a legacy of numerous novels and short novels, along with a plethora of well-crafted stories.  Here he spins a bizarre tale filled with suspense, adventure, and intrigue, set in the wilds of Mars.  Three tough, cynical fighting men of Earth—Danton, Keith, and Van Ness—rose from their tomb of forgetfulness to find themselves space-wrecked on Earth’s mysterious neighbor in the sky, Mars.  They were the last hope of mankind against the evil and immortal Oligarchs.  It was weird, incredible, it was in every respect like some horrible dream…but it was real. Or was it?

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