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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel is “Lorelei of the Red Mist” by Leigh Brackett and Ray Bradbury.  His name was Hugh Starke, and he was a first class interplanetary confidence man.  Furthermore, he’d just pulled off the biggest score of his life—a million credits, all of it hijacked from the Terro-Venus payroll ship.  But during his getaway over the unscalable mountains of Venus, something unexpected happened—his ship was brought down by a strange force.  And soon Hugh Starke was dead—or so he thought.  Because presently he returned to life, but not as Hugh Starke; his mind and soul were now housed inside a new body of amazing strength and agility.  His name was now Conan, and he found himself alive and well.  But it didn’t take long for Starke to realize that his new personage was hated by all in this strange region of Venus.  Even worse, his soul was owned by Rann, devil-goddess of Falga, who was using him for her own gain and to achieve the destruction of those who had once loved Conan resolutely.  The second novel, “Gold in the Sky” is Alan E. Nourse's grand novel of betrayal and murder among the asteroid miners.  First published in the September, 1958 issue of Amazing Stories.  Greg and Tom Hunter were devastated when they learned of their father's death out in the Asteroid Belt.  Although it was labeled as an “accident,” both brothers were sure that foul play was involved.  They were certain that Jupiter Equilateral, a big deep space mining corporation, was behind their father’s death.  Unfortunately, being “certain” and being able to “prove it” were two different things.  So when they voiced their suspicions to the proper space authorities they were told that, without evidence, there was nothing that could be done.  The Hunter brothers then took the only course of action left to them—to investigate on their own and get the evidence needed to bring their father’s killer to justice.  They soon found themselves embroiled in a life-and-death adventure in the wilds of the asteroid belt. 

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