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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  The first novel is a taut science fiction classic by Raymond F. Jones titled “The Seven Jewels of Chamar.”  Scattered, they flamed like distant suns, maddening the beholder.  They were known as the legendary “Seven Jewels of Chamar,” and when united, they gave their holder a godlike power over the entirety of the Universe.  Unfortunately, to possess less than seven often drove men to madness and death—something young Nathan Ormondy learned upon the death of his father, Thymar Ormondy, who had died at Nathan’s feet in a lonely, dank cave.  With his dying breath, Thymar had bequeathed his son two of the fabulous jewels.  But he had also issued a warning:  “Beware the Firebird!”  The Firebird was a beautiful, almost mystical female warrior with an ill-famed reputation.  Unfortunately for Nathan, a pact with her seemed the only way to find the remaining jewels.  So with their flame-lances still white-hot from battle, young Ormondy and the fabulous Firebird learned how impossible was the price of that power.  The second novel is “The Lost Continent” by the grand master of science fiction adventure Edgar Rice Burroughs.  For two hundred years, a civilized America had cut off all contact with the war-ruined Eastern Hemisphere until such places as Europe and Great Britain had become nothing more than mere legends.  Then Jefferson Turck dared take his U. S. aero-sub across the 30th Longitude West on the mission of a new Columbus—to rediscover England.  Little did he realize the fantastic dangers he and his crew would soon face “The Lost Continent” was an Edgar Rice Burroughs’ novel of the future.  For many years it was one of his rarest tales and upon its rediscovery in the late 1950s, became known as one of his most exciting novels—a thrilling adventure in a forgotten world that had become the abode of wild beasts, savage tribes, and barbarian queens…

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