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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel, “Warrior of Two Worlds” is by veteran science fiction writer, Manly Wade Wellman.  The wind swept across his face.  He did not know his name or his past, nor did he know what world he was on; but as he lay there in his nakedness, a voice came to him—a voice that proclaimed him to be the savior of all Dondromogon.  He was the returning spirit of Yandro, the Conquering Stranger, come to life again to defeat the threat of the “Newcomers.”  But there was great confusion in Yandro’s mind.  There was more to his past than the mere prophecy of a mighty warrior returned.  In the far recesses of his subdued memory, it seemed that he was a man of two planets, drawn through the blackness of space to save a nation from a ruthless war of self-destruction and from the nefarious ambitions of traitors—traitors that would have him and his followers dead and buried in the caves of a hot-cold world that tottered on the brink of total destruction…  The second novel, “Enchantress of Lemuria” is a terrific tale by one of the early masters of modern science fiction, Stanton A. Coblentz.  Will Claybrook had invented an amazing new scientific apparatus.  It was called the “Pellucid Depth Ray,” and with it he could see images deep inside the Earth—literally miles and miles from the surface.  It was an amazing principle far beyond common x-ray technology.  And with this wondrous device Will Claybrook set out to visually explore the mysteries of Earth’s interior.  But much to his astonishment, and far beyond anything he ever expected to find, was his discovery of a lost world inside the Earth; and in this vast inner cavern was a magnificent city known as Le-Mur.  One of its denizens was a beautiful young woman named Ilwanna, daughter of the ruler of Le-Mur.  And from the moment he saw her, Will Claybrook knew this lovely creature was the one person on Earth he must have.  But when set out to explore Earth’s underbelly in search of her, little did he realize the formula for disaster he carried with him into his subterranean paradise.

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