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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel is “World of the Mist” by Laurence Manning.  Back in the days of the classic pulp magazine, Wonder Stories, editor Hugo Gernsback often filled his magazine with high-adventure, hard-hitting science stories.  Laurence Manning’s “World of the Mist” is just such a tale.  It is the story of three fellow scientific adventurers who build a rocket ship to test their scientific theories in the wilds of outer space, chasing down meteors and looking for neutronium from dead stars. Their purpose?  To use neutronium as a doorway into other dimensions.   Our three adventurers, Trench, Cogger, and Wadsley, soon find their space vessel tumbling into a bizarre dimension, the likes of which can only be imagined in one’s wildest nightmares.  It is an inside out world of pink mist, where nothing makes sense.  Shapes and forms seem to form and melt away and are often the opposite—or inside out versions—of their mirror-image objects back on Earth.  Unfortunately for our adventurers, survival time in this new world is limited—and they will be hard-pressed to find a way back home before it is too late.  The second novel, "The Invaders," is a grand adventure from one of sci-fi’s true masters, Murray Leinster.  It all started in Greece on the day after tomorrow. Before the last act raced to a close, Coburn was buried to his ears in assorted adventures, including a revolution and an invasion from outer space!  Published in 1953, “The Invaders” was considered a mini-science fiction epic at the time.  This taut short novel has a plethora of swashbuckling action, a great many vivid characters, and a weird mystery—all spun for you by one of the master story-tellers of the era, Murray Leinster.  Leinster was a professional writer long before he could ever vote. In his career he published well over a thousand stories, dozens of novels, as well as many movie, TV, and radio scripts.  He is considered one of the finest science fiction and fantasy authors of the 20th Century.  

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