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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel is a nail-biting classic by Henry Kuttner titled “Secret of the Earth Star.”  Henry Kuttner was highly thought of in science fiction and fantasy circles during his lifetime.  His work often contained intricate plotlines, unexpected twists and turns, and an overall harder edge than the usual tales of his pulp-writing peers.  “Secret of the Earth Star” certainly fits that mold, with a ceaseless wave of action that flows along a winding storyline filled with excitement, shocks, and unexpected grim events.  The “Earth Star” itself is a fabulous, one-of-a-kind jewel that falls into the hands of three American brothers, all of whom are entering the Foreign Legion to escape the law.  However, they get far more than they bargain for when their adventures lead them into a vast, ancient world under the sands of the Sahara.  This forgotten realm is known only as “Alu.”  It’s an underground world filled with the remnants of an ancient race, whose scientific know-how soon leads the civilized world to the brink of doom.  The second novel is “Earth, The Marauder” by one of science fiction’s most underrated authors, Arthur J. Burks.  Earth was a dying planet.  Ever since Sarka the First, king of scientists, had given mankind the Secret of Life—which prolonged life indefinitely—humanity had multiplied beyond all count and been forced to burrow deep into the ground and high into the air in the desperate search for the mere room in which to live.  Something had to be done.  Then Sarka the Third called the Spokesmen of the Gens of Earth around him and proposed a maniacal new scheme.  He would swing the Earth from its orbit and send it careening through space toward the Moon!  Once in close proximity, Earth would send out space soldiers to destroy the moon’s inhabitants and supplant them with a colony of Earthlings.  After completing this conquest, they would then surge on to Mars and possibly beyond.  And soon, a bloody war between the worlds had begun.  The only question that remained was…who would be the final victor?

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