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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel, “Wolves of Darkness” is easily one of Jack Williamson’s best early tales.  Clovis McLaurin had come to Hebron in search of his father, Dr. Ford McLaurin.  His father’s communication had seemed desperate, so Clovis had set out for the distant town in great haste.  But the weather couldn’t have been worse; it was bitter cold and the entire countryside around Hebron was covered with a thick layer of snow.  Even more unnerving was the distant baying sound that greeted Clovis’ ears as he stood upon the lonely station platform.  It sounded like the cries of a distant wolf pack, howling through the winter night.  But what had made Clovis McLaurin’s skin crawl was the sound intermixed with that distant baying—a sound that was unearthly in nature, yet a sound that had a distinct human quality to it! “Wolves of Darkness” is a white-knuckle ride that masterfully mixes the elements of both horror and science fiction.  The second novel is “World of the Living Dead” by Golden Age of Sci-Fi author, Ed Earl Repp.  The yacht “Scienta” was caught in the throes of a mighty hurricane.  Badly damaged, she began to sink.  But then something strange happened.  As she took on water, she found herself being sucked into an incredible subterranean river that cascaded down through a massive hole in the bottom of the ocean.  Through this mighty chasm the ship was sucked into the bowels of the Earth, eventually being dumped out onto a lake in a gigantic underground cavern.  The Scienta’s crew, having survived this fantastic ordeal, soon found themselves captured by a race of strange subterranean beings.  These beaked creatures herded them to a vast valley filled with “living skeleton” slaves, where they were hell bent on the conquest of the surface world and the utter annihilation of every human being on Earth!

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