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Drive in Double Features DRIVE-IN DOUBLE FEATURE #169

RIP VAN WYK (1960, aka RIP VAN WINKLE) Jamie Uys, Wynona Cheyney, Willem Loots, Johan Malherbe.  This movie really has little to do with the original Rip Van Winkle story.  It’s actually a time travel movie. Set in 1859, Uys meets a mysterious man who feeds him a potion causing him to fall asleep and hurtle 100 years through time.  He awakens, un-aged, in 1959—a strange, unfamiliar, modern world.  The film gives a very interesting perspective about how someone from the past would react to all things modern—automobiles, radios, TVs, clothing, etc.  It’s really quite well done and very poignant.  Watch for the scene when Uys, who is sitting on a bench, has a gorgeous babe in a tight skirt stand right next to him, her butt in his face.  Another remarkable scene has him going to the site of his home, only to find a large factory where his house used to be.  He then spends much of the movie trying to convince everyone he's from the past.  The scene in a psychiatrist’s office is another fine moment. Great fun in its own way with a very cool, endearing ending.  From 16mm.  PLUS:  THE DAY THE SKY EXPLODED (1958) Paul Hubschmid, Ivo Garrani, Madeleine Fischer, Fiorella Mari, Peter Meersman, The movie starts off with a rocket lifting off for the moon. But when things go bad, the rocket (containing lots of atomic matter) smashes into an asteroid, which in turn shatters into an avalanche of deadly rocks and space debris—now on a collision course with Earth!  Scientists must stop the deadly mass or the world will die!  This film has gotten some bad raps over the years, but it’s really pretty well done.  Transferred from a beautiful 35mm film print.  

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