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(1957) Mark Miller, Anita Thallaug, Lars Ekborg, Norma Sjoholm, Birgitta Ander.  Pay no heed to the low IMDB ratings, this is a really cool thriller filled with all kinds of neato stuff--a masterpiece of drive-in celluloid.  An American reporter heads to Sweden to do a feature story on Swedish nightlife.  After falling for a beautiful, morphine-addicted nightclub singer, he decides to do an expose on the rampant practice of corrupt showbiz managers who keep their showgirls on drugs to insure their services.  Watch for the nightclub scene where the blonde does a partial striptease as she sings a sultry tune while her reporter pal gets the crap beat out of him backstage. "Is a girl bad...simply because she disrobes?"  Classic...  The climax is amazing as the reporter and the cops chase the bad guy into a carnival filled with tourists.  Gunshots whizz back and forth.  The reporter pursues the bad guy through the carnival funhouse, all the while having to deal with the usual funhouse obstacles such as sliding floorboards, revolving circular walking tubes, pitfalls, etc.  Whoever dreamed up this sequence gets a big thumbs up--it's so unique!  The final moment when the bad guy "gets it" is brilliant.  Don't get us wrong, this is a really schlocky movie, obviously low budget, yet it rises far above its limitations and delivers something that's oh-so-much fun in the most memorable drive-in/grindhouse way.  From 35mm. 

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