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Horror CHALLENGE THE DEVIL—Anamorphic Widescreen Edition

(1963, Upgraded 4/18/22) Christopher Lee, George Ardisson, Bella Cortez, Lilli Parker.  This is probably Chris Lee’s most obscure horror film.  Almost the entire story is told in flashback.  Three young Italian hoods and their girlfriends break into a remote castle looking for kicks.  The six of them drink and dance and act in a very rowdy manner.  Then enters the castle’s owner, a strange, white-haired man (Lee) who asks them to find a missing girl somewhere within the walls of his castle.  Little do they know that Lee is actually a Mephistoles-like character in disguise.  At this point the six set out on a search that takes them through the nightmarish corridors and staircases of the castle.  They soon encounter massive spiders, ghosts, and a bizarre room containing a labyrinth of sheet glass and mirrors.  These horrors soon lead our six guests to a state of near-madness before they are finally able to escape.  Watch for the scene when two female ghosts appear behind cobweb-shrouded doorways. The orgiastic dance scene is also great fun. This is perhaps Lee’s most unusual performance in a horror film.  Ardisson chews up the scenery with an over-the-top performance.  Most intriguing.  Filmed in Odescalchi Castle near Rome. Filmed in 1963 but not released until 1965.  In Italian with English subtitles.  From 35mm.  

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