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(1936) Harry Baur, Roger Karl, Charles Dorat, Germaine Aussey, Ferdinand Hart, Jany Holt.  It is a time of great persecution of the Jews by the Emperor (marvelously played by Baur) in Prague.  A rabbi has promised that the Golem—whose body is now hidden and dormant—will return for justice if things reach a breaking point.  The Emperor, who is nearly mad, throws his enemies into dungeons and torture chambers.  One memorable scene has the emperor mercilessly imploring one of his victims on the rack to reveal the location of the Golem.  There is much court intrigue in this film.  The acting is superb and the cinematography is fantastic. The use of light and shadow is unforgettable. Some of the sets are reminiscent of the best German horror films of the silent era.  The Golem is a massive, monstrous creature who is kind of like a baldheaded version of the Frankenstein monster with a cape.  At the film’s wonderful climax he goes on a rampage, wrecking the emperor’s palatial grounds and taking the lives of many of the Jew’s oppressors.  A classic!  In French with English subtitles.  IMPORTANT:  There are a few short sections without sub-titles, but this does not detract too much from the main story line.  From 35mm. 

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