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ALIAS THE BAD MAN (1931, Tiffany) Ken Maynard, Virginia Faire, Frank Mayo.  Two old ranchers suspect each other of rustling the other’s cattle.  They soon kill each other in a gunfight—or do they?  Ranger Ken comes in to find the real killer.  One great sequence has Ken jumping onto Tarzan from another horse while being chased by outlaws.  Another solid entry in Ken’s Tiffany series.  16mm.)  

DYNAMITE RANCH (1932, World Wide) Ken Maynard, Ruth Hall.  Ken intervenes in a train heist, saving a girl from bandits.  He’s then told the robbery was all an act, put on as an exciting welcome for the girl.  However, it’s then discovered the train’s safe has actually been robbed!  Ken gets blamed (of course) then he sets out to capture the real thieves and redeem himself.  Recommended.  From 16mm. 

DRUM TAPS (1932, World Wide) Ken and Kermit Maynard,  Dorothy Dix, Hooper Atchley, Charles Stevens, Al Bridge.  The only film to costar the Maynard brothers, and it’s a good one.  Ken rescues a girl and her granddad from land-grabbing outlaws.  Later—after killing the old man—the same gang tries to frame Ken for rustling!  Lots of great riding and gun-fighting sequences.  Recommended.  16mm.

HONOR OF THE RANGE (1934, Universal) Ken Maynard, Cecilia Parker, Fred Kohler.  Ken has a dual role:  a good-guy sheriff and his evil brother.  He sets out to track himself down and find out what’s happened to his gal.  This is a fantastical film complete with exploding mountains, door-opening horses, and a terrific--and quite realistic--roof-top fight scene between Ken and Fred Kohler.  From 16mm.  

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