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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels.  The first novel, Arthur J. Burks’ “The Mind Master” is a sequel to one of the most popular stories to ever grace the pages of Astounding Stories, “Manape the Mighty,” which appeared in the magazine’s June 1931 issue.  In the original “Manape” tale, protagonist Lee Bentley and his sweetheart, Ellen Estabrook, were subjected to the psychotic desires of one of pulp fiction’s great maniacs:  the mad scientist, Professor Caleb Barter, who eventually drugged Bentley and transplanted his brain into an ape!  After escaping from Barter’s jungle of horror in the original story, Bentley and Estabrook head home to New York City, which is the setting for “The Mind Master.”  We soon learn that the good professor is still very much alive.  He is now equipped with new devices of terror, including heat rays, disintegrator rays, and brain implants that allow him to control the human mind at great distances.  The only question remaining is whether Bentley and Estabrook can escape from his mad plans a second time.   This edition’s second novel is “The Tentacles from Below” by Anthony Gilmore.  In this classic tale from science fiction’s golden years, a terrible undersea menace is wreaking havoc off the Newfoundland banks.  Commander Keith Wells and the crew of his new advanced submarine, the NX-1, investigate a series of deep-sea cataclysms that are literally tearing up the ocean floor and causing massive changes to hundreds of miles of ocean bed.  But their investigation soon turns into a rescue mission when a nearby fleet of fishing boats suddenly vanishes into thin air during calm seas.  For Wells and the crew of the NX-1, these incidents are a prelude to something far more dangerous, though.  Below the sea is the menace of a newly discovered race—a race of tentacled creatures, the likes of which man has never seen before.  These creatures, along with their army of “machine-fish” have very unfriendly designs on the world of man.


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