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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels.  The first novel is “The Last Revolution” by one of science fiction’s most underrated authors, Milton Lesser.  He held the key to Mankind’s future.  When Drayton woke up he knew he’d overslept.  And you just couldn’t be late for a date with Mary Carlton, especially when old man Carlton was going to be there for dinner.  So off Johnny Drayton went, speeding down the Sawmill River Parkway and to his destiny—a destiny that would plunge him into a far-off future onto a strange, stark world where pitiful, shrunken examples of humanity seemed to be all that was left of mankind.  But Drayton couldn’t understand the how and why of it all.  Why had he been flung five hundred million years into the future?  What was his purpose there?  And who were his strange, bulbous-headed hosts and what were their real motivations?  When Johnny Drayton found the answers to these questions, he was faced with a momentous decision—a decision that would lead to either the salvation or doom of mankind.  This double novel’s second tale is a classic piece of space opera, Jeff Sutton’s “First on the Moon.”  Luna was the goal, Earth was the prize.  The four men had been scrutinized, watched, investigated, and intensively trained for more than a year. They were, without a doubt, the best men to be found for that first, all-important flight to the Moon—the pioneer manned rocket that would give either the East or the West control over the Earth.  Yet when the race started, astronaut Adam Crag found that he had a saboteur among his crew…a traitor!  Such a man could give the communist forces on Earth a title deed to the moon, and thereby dominate the world it circled.  Any one of the other three could be the hidden enemy, and if he didn’t discover the agent soon—even while they were roaring on rocket jets through outer space—then Adam Crag, his expedition, and his country would be destroyed!  

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