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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels.  The first novel is “The Pirates of Zan” by one of science fictiondom’s all-time best authors, Murray Leinster.  Warning…there were buccaneers in Orbit!  Because Bron Hoddan was a serious electronics engineer, he didn’t want any part of his particular planetary heritage.  For he was from Zan—and Zan’s only occupation was spaceship piracy!  So Bron went to Walden, the most civilized planet of them all.  His first step to making himself a good reputation was to invent a machine that would save the government millions.  But when instead he was seized and jailed as the most unspeakable criminal in Walden’s history, he realized that there was only one way open to remedy this “civilized” disaster.  And what was by putting into use some of Zan’s old-fashioned buccaneering techniques!  The second novel, “The Stars, My Brothers” is by another of sci-fi’s most heralded authors, Edmond Hamilton.  He felt a coldness, instant and terrible.  Inside him was an underlying feeling of dread.  It hovered within, like the remnants of a bad dream.  Yet he wasn’t afraid of anything in the present; nor was he afraid of anything within his future.  The fear that gripped his very soul was for something from the past.  He was afraid of the thing tagged Reed Kieran, that stiff blind voiceless thing wheeling its slow orbit around the distant Moon, companion to dead worlds and silent space.  Join one of the greatest science fiction authors of all time, Edmond Hamilton, as he spins another amazing yarn of incredible happenings in an imaginary world of the tomorrow.

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