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Armchair Fiction SHE (The Ultimate Illustrated Edition)

Armchair fiction presents extra-large paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels.  A word about this edition of “She.”  This may well be the most generously illustrated edition of H. Rider Haggard’s “She” ever published.  There are literally dozens of original illustrations, photographs, book covers, posters, and other graphics in this 304-page Armchair Fiction edition.  You’ll be treated to many interior illustrations from various early editions of this classic novel, along with book cover and movie memorabilia galleries.  We have also taken great pains to include all of Haggard’s original footnotes, often left out of previous editions; yet we have placed them at page-bottoms in the least intrusive way possible.  For completists, we have also included Haggard’s ancient text recreations, which, again, have often been left out of previous editions; yet these can be easily passed over by the reader with no loss of story content.  So get ready to indulge yourself in one of the most engaging fantasy-adventure novels ever concocted, H. Rider Haggard’s searing exploits of the strangest woman who ever lived:  SHE-WHO-MUST-BE-OBEYED!


“She” is the incredible story of three men who stumble upon a lost world and a lost race deep in the heart of Africa.  Ludwig Horace Holly, an English professor, and his adopted son Leo travel to this unknown region to solve the mystery murder of Leo’s ancestor, Kallicrates, many generations before.  There, they encounter a fierce tribe of cannibals who live in the caves of Kôr, ruled over by a strange, god-like woman, Ayseha—She-who-must-be-obeyed.  Ayesha is a beautiful but ruthless queen who has lived for centuries, having been empowered by the secret flame of eternal life.   “She” is one of the most beloved novels of all time, ripe with adventure, romance, fantasy, and profound elements of science fiction…

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