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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic mystery-crime double novels.  “The Corpse in the Picture Window” by veteran mystery writer, Bruce Cassiday is our first grisly tale of murder.  “They call me Gib Bellamy.  They call me a lot of other names at times, because of my work.  You see, I’m an investigator.  The kind that privately checks a corporation’s books to see who’s stealing money from the business and how.  But that damned Atlas Aviation was something else.  When I got entangled with those nuts, I glared—with my shiny bald dome in the hot Connecticut sun and my handsome mug in that loony bin.  And why not?  You’d glare too.  For it wasn’t just the theft of a hundred thousand dollars.  No, it was that and the messy hit-and-run on the company’s president, and the bunch of screw-looses, and a man-eating tractor, and a gun-happy sportsman taking target practice—with me as the bouncing bull’s-eye!”  This double novel’s second murder mystery is Larry Holden’s “There’s Death in the Heir.”  Where there was a will, there was a murder.  Dinny Keogh was known as a private eye with a good reputation.  He ran a decent, honest agency and didn’t handle sticky situations like finks or divorces.  When Keogh was hired to find Stephan Goran’s nephew (who’d been left a fortune) there was one small problem:  He was certain the estate’s attorney was planning to pull a fast one. That fortune was targeted to be skimmed like milk!  Perturbed at the situation, he decided to find the heir as quickly as possible and expose the criminal plot.  But that was the easy part.  As Keogh became more engrossed, it became apparent that getting to the truth of the matter was a very dangerous task!  What started out to be a “soft” job, quickly changed as he uncovered several layers of deceit and twisted events, leading up to several murders and bullets flying through the air regularly—at him!  

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