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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic mystery-crime double novels. The first thriller is Owen Dudley’s great tale, “Run if You Can.”  Ed Dunlap put down the phone.  His partner in the construction company had just called from Palm Oasis where he had gone to buy land with the last of their company cash.  And his partner’s voice had been blurry with drink.  Ed had to head for Palm Oasis himself when he heard that, even though it was a town he had sworn he’d never return to.  For it held for him the taint of murder and the memory of an ex-wife’s bitchy treason.  But Ed had to check up on his partner and their funds.  But Palm Oasis didn’t want Ed around either.  There was only one way they’d agree to let him stay—and that would be six feet under.  “Run if You Can” is a non-stop suspense ride you won’t be able to put down.  On the back end of this double novel is another hardboiled tale of murder, “The Scented Flesh” by well-known mystery writer, Milton K. Ozaki.  Private eye Carl Good figured locating Sylvia Shepherd would be a routine matter, but everywhere he went he drew a blank.  Until he went into a dive called The Shamrock, where they slipped him a mickey.  Next morning, he woke up in a beautiful bedroom in bed with a beautiful blonde who, unfortunately, was dead as a mackerel, and the whole situation smelled like something out of Tobacco Road.  Back in his office, a slippery guy handed Carl some photographs and a note.  The photographs covered the bedroom scene, showing Carl Good with a knife in his hand, in bed with the murdered blonde.  The note was a warning to forget Sylvia Shepherd.  But forgetting the missing Sylvia was like waiting for the juice in the electric chair to be turned on—the frame was that perfect.  With the help of his old shyster lawyer friend, Morrie Tannenbaum, Carl managed to stay at liberty to try and get out of the trap he was in—or bury himself.

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