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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic mystery-crime double novels. The first novel is the cult favorite, “Gang Moll” by Albert L. Quandt.  The slums are full of girls like Lee Sissle—fiery, troublesome girls who want more out of life than they are getting—but who go about it the wrong way.  When the girls at the stocking factory showed Lee how to pick up extra money by stealing nylons, she learned fast—but then she was caught and fired.  Her landlady promptly threw her out, but Lee was not deserted by the landlady's son, Goosey Mullins, who drove a truck for a racketeer.  Goosey took the homeless girl to the Vagabond Club where she lived as a member of the gang.  This was the beginning of the criminal career of this beautiful girl.  It took Lee only a short time to discover that a cellar club existence was not for her.  Playing both ends against the middle, taking men for all they were worth, stirring up desire and trouble wherever she went, Lee continued her reckless existence as a gang moll until fate in the form of an avenging racketeer inevitably caught up with her. This double novel’s second tale is a great tale of mystery & murder, “Tip Your Hat to Death” by mystery and science fiction writer, H.B. Hickey.  It was a gory murder with a trail of twisted clues.  Tom Ritchie was a hard-working investigator for the DA’s office, slaving away on an endless menagerie of routine cases.  Then one day the murder case of a lifetime dropped into his lap.  It was the gruesome killing of Dr. Victor Unger, a seasoned psychiatrist known to have many friends and few enemies.  Unger’s headless body had been found in a downtown alleyway by two screaming girls.  In the spotlight of suspicion were four of the doc’s ex-patients, one of which was married to a wealthy financier who had a bad habit of standing in the way of the cops.  But could anyone, including the DA himself, sew together the scattered clues in such a twisted murder case as this? Only time would tell, and Tom Ritchie soon found himself under the gun to figure out the who, the when, and the why of it all before someone got away with murder.  

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