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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  Well, here it is…the 200th double novel in Armchair Fiction’s D-series.  Our first double novel, D-1, “The Galaxy Raiders & Space Station #1,” came out back in December of 2010.  So we thought we’d celebrate this momentous 200th edition with one of the first “modern” science fiction novels ever written, “Baron Münchhausen’s Scientific Adventures” written by the man often referred to as the father of modern science fiction, Hugo Gernsback (with marvelous Frank R. Paul illustrations).   Gernsback, also the founder of the first sci-fi pulp magazine, Amazing Stories, spins a grand tale of sci-fi adventure, interlaced with lots of hard science.  Baron Münchhausen’s scientific ponderings, many of which are still believed in today’s scientific circles, tell the wild tale of man’s first trip to the Moon and the discovery of life on Mars.  It is an inspiring, gripping tale of spaceships, adventurous men, and the battle of Martian intelligence versus the unrelenting forces of Nature.  Read on…a grand time is guaranteed for all!  The second novel is “Revolution of 1950” by Stanley Weinbaum and Ralph Milne Farley.  It was the day tyranny gripped America.  The events in Washington D.C. couldn’t be happening—but they were.  Steel Jeffers had been elected President promising a platform of radical change.  But the change promised and the change the country got were two entirely different things.  Soon his political foes began to mysteriously disappear.  After coming into undisputed control of all three branches of the government, there came the first rumblings against his new executive powers.  But a few ruthless blood-purges quickly drove the opposition for cover.  After he eliminated the FBI and gave more power to the Army, the country soon realized it had fallen into the grip of a ruthless despot.  But an underground rebellion was afoot, and its leader, Lieutenant Jack Adams, had managed to snag a position within the White House itself.  What he discovered there was an amazing conspiracy, steeped in fantastic science, with a culmination almost too astonishing to believe.

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