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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  The first novel is one of veteran mystery writer John Wilstach’s only forays into sci-fi, “Escape from Doom.”  Doren Grahame was a war hero.  He’d been in the thick of action and had a piece of metal in his bum left arm to prove it, but all he wanted was peace and privacy.  He and his upper crust fiancé had split up upon his arrival back home and now he just wanted to have a few drinks and forget.  But while attending a high society auction he chanced to bid on an exquisitely made ornament:  a green fish, about three inches long, gleaming with a golden hue—it had all seemed so innocent.  But soon Grahame learned of the ornament’s fantastic power, a force so great it could change the balance of power throughout the world.  Grahame then found his life enmeshed in the most fantastic plot imaginable, eventually landing him in the clutches of mad scientist who planned to transfer his mind into the body of another human being! The second novel is Wyman Guin’s “Beyond Bedlam.”  It was the 29th century.  No longer was the world plagued by war.  Man had subdued his violent tendencies by using miracle drugs.  Unfortunately, there was a serious side effect—everyone become schizophrenic.  Bill Walden and Conrad Manz, both completely different personalities, shared the same physical body.  Each personality rotated his existence with the other, each working through five-day periods before the other took over.  Likewise he (Bill/Carl) was married to one woman with the same shared relationship:  Helen Walden and Clara Manz.  As long as the two personalities didn’t encroach upon each other, society was well-ordered.  As a safeguard there was an organization called Medicorps, which kept a vigilant eye on the world.  And when things got out of hand, there were always the Medicops to turn to.  So with these checks and balances in hand, the world seemed to run smoothly.  Then one day Bill Walden decided to have an affair with Clara, his wife’s alter ego!

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