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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  This double novel leads off with “The Soul Snatchers” by Lee Francis.  It was mind control in a small black box. Marco Lee was a genius, and not just any genius—he was probably the best nuclear physicist in the country, one of the key men in the development of the atomic bomb.  He was employed at a closely guarded atomic facility where top secret scientific info and data—vital to the nation’s security—passed through his hands on a daily basis.  But then one day something happened to Marco Lee.  He found himself wandering the streets in an almost mindless state, searching for something he knew not what.  But when he finally found the object of his strange quest, it turned out to be a simple, yet sinister-looking, small black box.  And what it contained was something so terrific it threatened the safety of the entire world.  It was only with the help of a big-hearted waitress that Lee began to slowly realize what was happening to him, and the sinister plot his genius mind had become ensnared in.  Our second novel is a grim tale of the future—Robert Moore Williams’ “Doomsday Eve.”  It was a split-second race with world’s end!   In the midst of the war—that terrible conflict that threatened to obliterate all living creatures on Earth—the “new people” suddenly appeared. Quietly performing incredible deeds, vanishing at will, they were an enigma to both sides. Kurt Zen was a tough, loyal American intelligence officer among the many sent to find out who the new people really were and root them out.  He found them. Taken captive in their hidden lair, he waited as the enemy prepared to launch the super missile, the bomb to end all bombs—and end all life with it.  If only he could find the source of the new people's power, Kurt alone might be able to stop their nefarious plans and prevent obliteration of the Earth…

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