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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  The first novel is “Orphan of Atlans” by William L. Hamling.  It had come down out of the night sky, a mysterious globe of shimmering metal, crashing into the middle of a Wisconsin cornfield.  Was it a spaceship…or something more? No one had seen it except Karl Maddox, a reclusive research scientist who lived nearby; and what he found in the wreckage was astonishing—a dying woman and her young child.  Even more astonishing was that the strange craft was apparently some kind of time machine, the origins of which were completely unknown.  Over the next twenty years, Maddox raised the child—a boy—as his own son, all the while working to reconstruct the fantastic device that had brought the boy into Maddox’s world.  And when the grand day came, the machine once again fully operational, both father and son stepped into it for a journey through time—to a lost land and a lost civilization filled with the wonders of super science.  Sadly, it was also a civilization ruled by the iron fist a madman. The second novel is well-crafted story of the future, P. F. Costello’s “The Illusion Seekers.”  It was an Earth overrun by mutants!  In this future world, the normal person was an alien—that was the fate of sixteen-year-old Randy Peters.  His body was sound:  four limbs, ten fingers, ten toes, two eyes, two ears, one mouth, one nose…he was completely normal in every respect.  But that was what made him an outcast—everyone else within the world that he lived possessed bizarre physical oddities.  And they chided and bullied Randy because of this.  Then one day came a stranger from the East, an “Illusion Seeker,” who empowered Randy with the gift of survival while everyone else soon fell to the ground dying.  Before long, and armed with only an axe, Randy set forth on a long, dangerous trek to seek out what remained of humanity, if anything, and to discover the perilous trappings of his own destiny. 

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