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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  Louis Charbonneau’s futuristic tale, “The Sentinel Stars,” is our first novel.  Rigid!  Locked!  Enslaved!  That was our Earth in 2200.  East and West had merged at last, so there were no more wars, no more political differences.  Citizens everywhere could concentrate on working off their TAX DEBTS!  If you were capable and industrious, you might be able to make freeman status for the last few years of your life.  On one questioned.  No one spoke out.  No one rebelled until one bright morning Citizen TRH-247 decided not to go to work—and worse than that, became desirous of a girl below his own classification!  Thus, he made himself an outcast with the whole world against him and mere survival dependent on his wits, his daring, and his strength.  “The Sentinel Stars” is a novel of our world run as the Internal Revenue Service would have run it!  The second novel is Alfred Coppel’s great sci-fi adventure, “Warrior-Maid of Mars.”  Lars was a dying planet.  Over the centuries her supply of life-giving water had become critically low.  Time was short if her peoples were to survive.  Though Lord Telis was a reasonable young man and trusted by the priests and scientists of the ancient temple, he felt the need to break with them and form a shaky alliance with the Maldia in an effort to save the planet.  But the Maldia were an evil band of warriors and assassins, whose ultimate goal was the destruction of Telis’ own people.  It would take a captivating female alien, along with an old friend and priest to concoct a plan to finally convince Telis to lift his sword against the true enemies of his planet.  And before long, the forces of good and evil faced off in a confrontation that would decide the fate of an entire world. 

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