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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  The first novel is written by one of the masters of science fiction, Edmond Hamilton’s “Battle for the Stars.”  The fate of Earth hung in the balance!  Though Kirk had Earth blood in his veins, he had never known his native planet.  Two hundred years before, his forefathers had left Earth to establish a threshold in the vast reaches of outer space.  Humanity had reached out into the void, settling and colonizing new worlds throughout the galaxy.  But now mankind was coming home again.  As commander of the fifth squadron of Lyra, Kirk was heading to Earth to participate in the celebration of the two-hundredth anniversary of man’s first flight into space.  However, there was far more to Kirk’s mission than a simple historic festivity.  There was danger in the air from the Orion sector.  There were rumors—rumors that had reached the squadron as far away as the Pleiades.  Rumors too factual, too alarming, to be ignored.  And with the real possibility of galactic war looming, Kirk took his squadron into the lion’s den to protect a world he had never before set foot on.  The second novel is “Border, Breed nor Birth.”  This wonderful Mack Reynolds tale shows a savage world of the far future.  Reynolds’ central character, El Hassan, is the self-styled, would-be ruler of North Africa, who, along with his half-dozen followers, is desperately trying to survive.  El Hassan finds his dreams of power stymied by a world power far greater than anything he and his band could ever hope to defeat…the Reunited Nations, which consists of many powerful entities, including the United States of the Americas, the Soviet Complex, the French Community, the British Commonwealth and many others.  Filled with action and intrigue, “Border, Breed nor Birth” is in some ways much more than just a sprawling sci-fi epic, it is a story of great depth, grappling with—in the most engaging way imaginable—the issues of race, religion, and economics in a bleak world of the distant future. 

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