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Armchair Fiction presents classic sci-fi double novels with original illustrations.  Veteran author S. J. Byrne spins the first tale, “The Naked Goddess.”  Robert Kelly came from wealth.  He possessed incredible good looks, a quick mind, and was acknowledged as one of the most eligible bachelors around.  However, what the public didn’t know about young Robert Kelly was that he was also a government agent, embedded within the narcotics division.  He had volunteered to break up a South American opium ring, a job that had previously left one agent dead and another stark staring mad.  But there was far more to this job than quelling the simple threat of illegal narcotics.  Kelly’s research had led him to a startling fact:  an undreamed of source of power lay within his grasp—and its root was of interplanetary origin!  So Kelly went to South America.  But what he found there was a mystery almost too twisted to solve, and at the heart of it all was a crazed religious zealot, a tiny alien intruder, a cache of priceless radioactive alien crystals, and a beautiful goddess, whose charms and beauty no man could resist!  The second novel is Philip Jose Farmers, “The God Business.”  His name was Durham, known around Onaback as a meek-mannered college professor.  But when Durham decided to label himself as a god-like character and take over the whole town, things got serious—especially when his efforts proved successful!  All attempts to stop the plump, elderly professor had failed:  bullets, bombs—all were ineffective.  Even when military men were sent in to put a stop to his shenanigans, the only thing that happened was the men didn’t come back!  So what to do?   Daniel Temper, with the backing of the President, was sent in to handle the job.  Soon he and his companion, the beautiful Alice Lewis, were trekking toward Onaback, intent on taking the town back and eliminating the old man’s power source.  A tough thing to do, though, when you and your lovely companion are both completely nude and armed only with a tank of water! 

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