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UNDER MONTANA SKIES (1930, Tiffany) Kenneth Harlan, Dorothy Gulliver, Slim Summerville.  A cowboy falls for a girl in a traveling show.  However, he’s put to task when a cattle thief steals the show’s box office.  A rare and unusual western comedy with songs.  16mm.  

THE PHANTOM COWBOY (1935, Aywon) Ted Wells, Doris Brooks, Jimmy Aubrey.  One of the world’s worst westerns.  You’ll either cringe or laugh riotously.  A cowpoke finds he has a double who is a caped bandit.  An idiotic script is graced by some awful performances.  Wells may be the most wooden hero in film history!  The comedy relief is unbearable.  Grab a 6-pack and call your pals, this one’s a must.  16mm.

WILD BRIAN KENT (1936, Principal) Ralph Bellamy, Mae Clarke, Stan Andrews.  A free-loading playboy is ousted from his train in the middle of Kansas.  He hooks up with a lady who’s in danger of losing her ranch because of the schemes of a shady rancher.  Trouble follows as the young spendthrift tries to straighten out his life.  A cut above the usual mid-30s B western indie.  From 16mm.  

THE IRISH GRINGO (1936, Keith Productions) Pat Carlyle, William Farnum, Elena Duran.  Truly one of the best bad movies ever made.  A real riot.  A six-shooting gringo from south of the border--half Mexican, half Irish--takes in tow a little girl who happens to be wearing a shirt with a map of the lost Dutchman mine drawn on it!  Her grandpa was slain by men looking for the map so now they're after her.  This film has bad acting and inane dialogue that may be unparalleled.  Yet, midway through it is a terrific number by a forgotten black musician doing a one-man band act.  By the way, there is a background music score, but it's only heard here and there, and never seems to fit the scene.  We thought it might have been recorded onto the soundtrack by mistake.  It probably was.  Pinch me, I must be dreaming.  A hilarious mish-mash of inspired lunacy.  How can anyone resist buying this masterpiece.  From 16mm.

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