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THE BACK TRAIL (1924, Universal) Jack Hoxie, Alton Stone (Al Hoxie), Eugenia Gilbert, Claude Payton.  An interesting western dealing with Amnesia.  Jack plays a cowboy who has lost his memory because of war injuries.  Some scheming no-gooders get him to believe that he is guilty of past crimes.  Through treacherous methods, he is induced to break his father’s will and gain control of his sister’s estate.  He comes to his senses just in time, though, and foils the bad guys.  Music score, 16mm. 

LAW AND LAWLESS (1932, Majestic) Jack Hoxie, Hilda Moreno, Julian Rivero.  A tough gunslinger and his pal are hired by a rancher to capture the mysterious “Wolf” gang that’s been terrorizing the local folks.  The two of them are accused of being bandits themselves before finally nailing the gang.  35mm. 

GOLD (1932, Majestic) Jack Hoxie, Alice Day, Hooper Atchley.  Jack sells his gold mine to an old-timer, then blows his wad partying.  When the old-timer is found dead and his money stolen, Jack becomes the prime suspect.  Not bad.  From 16mm.  

TROUBLE BUSTERS (1933, Majestic) Jack Hoxie, Lane Chandler, Kaye Edward, Roger Williams.  Jack and his pals play "trouble busting" cowboys seeking adventure and problems to solve.  They discover that the ranch of a cranky old man and his niece is rich with oil.  Further, it's also government owned land and is eligible for a claim.  Jack races against time and the bad guys, to get the claim filed.  16mm.  

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