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CRASHING THRU (1939, Criterion) James Newill, Jean Carmen, Warren Hull.  A daring shipboard gold-heist is pulled.  Later, three of the crooks steal the gold from their gang boss.  Renfrew hits the trail to bring them in. Definitely one of the better Renfrews, well-produced with an intricate script.  16mm.   

SKY BANDITS (1940) James Newill, Dave O'Brien, Dwight Frye.  Dwight is his usual twisted self as he portrays a mad inventor whose death ray is used by a gang of criminals to blast airplanes out of the sky.  Renfrew of the Royal Mounted comes to the rescue.  Frye has a nice moment of maniacal laughter.  Probably the best film in the Renfrew series.  Similar to GHOST PATROL. From 16mm.  

YUKON FLIGHT (1940, Monogram) James Newill, Dave O’Brien, Louise Stanley, Warren Hull, Karl Hackett.  A mail plane crashes.  Was it an accident or sabotage?  A couple of gangsters are behind a wicked plot against the owner of a gold mine.  A pretty good entry in the Renfrew series.  The scene where Hackett’s plane goes down is a delight.  16mm.    

MURDER ON THE YUKON (1940, Monogram) James Newill, Polly Ann Young, Dave O’Brien, Karl Hackett.  Two Mounties find the body of a recently murdered man.  The trail leads to a lonely cabin where the Mounties are attacked by the murderer’s henchmen.  Northern thrills galore in this likable Monogram western-mystery.  From 16mm.

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