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THE MEXICALI KID (1938, Monogram) Jack Randall, Wesley Barry, Eleanor Stewart.  Jack’s brother is shot dead in a bank holdup.  He rides to town, hell-bent on nailing the killer.  Out in the desert he comes upon a dying bandit, the Mexicali Kid.  Jack saves his life, and the two begin a friendship that leads them to action, danger, and eventually to the killer.  A rare, must-have film for all Randall fans.  16mm.   

ACROSS THE PLAINS (1939, Monogram) Jack Randall, Frank Yaconelli, Joyce Bryant, Dennis Moore, Glenn Strange.  This Monogram Randall opus is short and sweet with lawman Jack facing off with his brother who was separated from him during childhood by outlaws who killed their parents.  Stunning Lone Pine locations.  One of Jack’s best films.  Great print.  16mm. 

WILD HORSE RANGE (1940, Monogram) Jack Randall, Phyllis Ruth, Frank Yaconelli, Charlie King.  Jack is constantly being undersold by a rival horse trader.  Jack suspects his rival is selling stolen horses.  When he decides to investigate, he finds himself in heap-big trouble.  A great cast shines.  16mm. 

PIONEER DAYS (1940, Monogram) Jack Randall, Ted Adams, June Wilkins.  Jack intercedes in a stagecoach heist and saves the life of a young woman who has inherited a half-interest in the local saloon.  Later, her sleazy partner cheats her out of her share.  Jack intercedes again and slowly figures out that the partner is the brains behind all the recent hold-ups.  A well-done Randall western.  From 16mm.   

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