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BROADWAY TO CHEYENNE (1932, Monogram) Rex Bell, Marceline Day, Matthew Betz, Huntley Gordon, Gabby Hayes.  A fine combination of western and gangster thrills.  Rex plays a cowboy detective who comes up against a gang of Broadway crooks that are setting up a protection racket out west.  These hard-core city thugs vastly underestimate their “good-old-boy” adversaries.  Bell’s charm and cowboy prowess come across well, while Hayes supplies some genuine laughs.  16mm.  

FIGHTING TEXANS (1933, Monogram) Rex Bell, Luana Walters, Betty Mack, Gabby Hayes, Wally Wales, Yak Canutt.  Rex plays a high pressure haberdashery salesman who is fired for arguing with a customer.  He ends up being an oil salesman who tangles with a gang of crooked stock promoters.    

GUN FIRE (1935, Resolute) Rex Bell, Ruth Mix, Buzz Barton, Ted Adams.  Although it has its implausibilities, this is one of the more intricate scripts you’ll find in a cheapie B western, filled with unusual and colorful western customs and characters, including several strong female roles.  And talk about action, there are more fist fights, necktie parties, and shoot-outs than you ever see in quickies like this.  Some huge gun battles.  A crude film, yes, but gritty.  They pack more into an hour than most “A” westerns can get into two hours.  This is a must-have poverty row western epic.  From 16mm.   

MEN OF THE PLAINS (1936, Colony) Rex Bell, Joan Barclay, George Ball, Charlie King, Roger Williams.  A gang of gun-toting cut-throats heist railroad gold shipments.  Rex is a cowboy detective who is sent in to clean things up.  Little does he know that the president of the town's bank is the crime boss.  Gunplay & murder follow.  Pretty brutal in spots.  Bell's charming western personality shines.  16mm.  

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