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THE SUNRISE TRAIL (1931, Tiffany) Bob Steele, Blanche Mehaffey, Jack Clifford, Dick Alexander.  Bob secretly aids a local sheriff in rounding up of rustlers.  This is really pretty good for an early talkie.  Watch for some fine action sequences with lots of blazing guns and fistfights.  There’s a cool poker scene where Bob shoots the gun out of the hand of a cheater.  Pretty lively.  Recommended.  From 16mm.  

SON OF OKLAHOMA (1932, World Wide) Bob Steele, Josie Sedgewick, Carmen Laroux.  An unscrupulous man kidnaps a woman and her son, leaving her husband for dead.  The son escapes and is adopted by a Mexican family. Years later, a gold mine draws these people together again.  16mm.

TRAIL OF TERROR (1935, Supreme) Bob Steele, Beth Marion, Forest Taylor, Charlie King, Dick Cramer.  One of the very best Steele Supremes.  Bob plays an escaped convict (really an undercover federal man) who falls in with a notorious gang of crooks to get the lowdown on them.  Lots of great action, including a big wrestling sequence.  Also watch for the scene where bob skids down a long drainage tunnel with only a wooden branch to keep his balance.  Marion is absolutely beautiful.  From a top 16mm original print—probably the best video of this film on the market.  16mm.  

GUN LORDS OF STIRRUP BASIN (1937, Republic) Bob Steele, Louise Stanley, Karl Hackett.  A tremendous B western.  It’s range war between homesteaders and cattlemen.  Behind it all is a crafty lawyer who covets the water rights to the area.  Bob’s dad, a top cow-boss, is back-shot and killed, but though the homesteaders are blamed, this doesn’t stop Bob from marrying one of them!  Climax features a blazing range battle.  16mm.  

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