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OKLAHOMA CYCLONE (1930, Tiffany) Bob Steele, Nita Ray, Al St. John, Charlie King.  Bob plays a cowboy on the run from the law.  He falls in with Charlie’s gang, but—not really being a bad guy—he and Charlie are soon at odds.  They have one helluva fight at the end of the film.  Cool.  A little slow at first, but a rousing second half.  A very unusual, sad ending.  From 16mm.

RIDERS OF THE DESERT (1932, World Wide) Bob Steele, Gertie Messenger, Al St. John, Gabby Hayes.  It’s Bob against Gabby in this exciting shoot-em-up about robbery, murder, outlaw gangs, and hidden gold.  One great scene has Bob trying to save Gertie from a quicksand pit!  From 16mm.   

THE GALLANT FOOL (1933, Monogram) Bob Steele, Arletta Duncan, John Elliott.  A slick Steele film with Bob’s Dad being framed for murder!  In something out of the ordinary for a ‘30s B western, our heroes take refuge in a circus until they can bring the real killer to justice.  When they do—look out!  16mm.  

THE GUN RANGER (1936, Republic) Bob Steele, Eleanor Stewart, John Merton.  Bob’s a lawdog who, along with the rest of the town, awaits a verdict in a murder trial.  Everyone is shocked when the killer is freed on a technicality that was set up by his lawyer and a crooked D.A.  Bob promises to act as judge, jury, and executioner as he rids the town of the low-lifes.   A superior A.W. Hackel production.  35mm.   

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