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THE SUNSET TRAIL (1932, Tiffany) Ken Maynard, Ruth Hiatt, Philo McCollough, Frank Rice.  Another great early Maynard!  Ken comes to the aid of a young woman and her brother Buddy who are struggling to save their cattle ranch from a crooked banker.  McCollugh is excellent as the slimy banker who has hired a bunch of gun-toting thugs to kill off their cowhands!  A standard plot line to be sure, but this is a well-done B western.  Ken is in top form.  16mm.

TOMBSTONE CANYON (1932, World Wide) Ken Maynard, Sheldon Lewis, Cecilia Parker.  Ken comes to town looking for a man named Waley who has promised to tell the truth about his family history.  Coming in, he hears the cry of the weird, masked "phantom killer" of Tombstone Canyon--who also shoots at him.  The mystery thickens after Ken discovers Waley has been murdered, apparently by the phantom.  A creepy western with strong horror elements.  35mm

FARGO EXPRESS (1933, World Wide) Ken Maynard, Paul Fix, Helen Mack.  An enjoyable Maynard opus.  Ken helps a young kid--chased by outlaws for cheating at poker--go straight until his sister arrives.  Later, in a desperate moment after losing a ton of money at cards, the kid robs the express!  Engrossing and well made.  From 16mm.

WHIRLWIND HORSEMAN (1938) Ken Maynard, Joan Barclay, Dave O’Brien, Roger Williams.  One of Ken’s trail buddies has disappeared.  When Ken and his pal go looking for him, they find themselves looking down the six-gun barrels of a notorious outlaw gang.  There are some nice bits of comedy in this enjoyable Maynard Grand National effort.  16mm.  

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