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BRANDED MEN (1931, Tiffany) Ken Maynard, June Clyde, Charlie King, Irving Bacon, Hooper Atchley.  Ken and his  pals are appointed sheriffs after Charlie and his thugs steal their horses.  They spend much of the movie trying to crack Hooper’s bank robbery scheme.  In one memorable scene, Charlie tries to break Tarzan.  After being bucked off, he commences to whip the poor animal!  In a rage, Tarzan breaks loose and chases Charlie into a miner’s shack.  Later, when Ken’s life is on the line, Tarzan confronts Charlie again.  A very enjoyable Maynard early talkie. 16mm. 

TEXAS GUNFIGHTER (1932, Tiffany) Ken Maynard, Sheila Mannors, Harry Woods.  Ken is an outlaw gang member who decides to go straight.  He later becomes sheriff in a small town, but his old pals soon arrive and cause trouble.  They want Ken to help them rob a vault filled with gold!  Ken resists but is later blamed for the crime.  It’s a race against time as Ken tries to clear himself by catching the real crooks.  Woods is so slimy.  Good fun.  From 16mm.  

PHANTOM THUNDERBOLT (1933, World Wide) Ken Maynard, Frances Lee, Frank Rice.  Ken plays the "Thunderbolt Kid."  He rides into town preceded by exaggerated stories of his outlawish reputation.  During one scene, he breaks up a restaurant while fighting off an outlaw thug who had ordered raw meat.  Eventually he comes to the aid of the community as he helps fight against a plot to prevent the railroad from coming through.  One of Ken's better early talkies.  From 16mm.   

THE LONE AVENGER (1933, World Wide) Ken Maynard, Muriel Gordon, Charlie King, Al Bridge.  Ken’s dad, a prominent banker, is found dead, supposedly from suicide.  Ken thinks otherwise and sets out to prove it.  Action and intrigue follow.  The final showdown scene is excellent as the antagonists wait inside a saloon on a very dark, rainy night.  Brrr.  The nail-biting suspense that builds is quite effective and most unusual for your average B western.  A nice effort.  Recommended.  16mm.  

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