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(1962) Tony Wright, Sonja Ziemann, Helmud Schmidt.   Wright is a wayward young man who’s on the lam from a gang of thugs.  He owes them a pile of gambling money and they're going to kill him in 48 hours if he doesn't come up with the dough.  However, after meeting up with a beautiful woman who is going blind, together they come up with an incredible idea.  He needs money to pay off his gambling debt and she needs money for an operation to save her sight; so they hatch a scheme wherein they take out life insurance policies that pay double if they should die while on a train.  So the two of them catch a ride on the next train out of town and set out to bump one another off.  Whoever succeeds gets the cash they need.  Unfortunately, they both begin to feel a great attraction for each other.  Will they be able to pull it off?  To complicate matters a mob hitman is on the train looking to plug both of them.  Great performances by both leading players highlight this oddball film that was originally produced in South Africa.  Very intriguing.  From 16mm. 

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