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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  The first novel is "Sinbad: Through Time and Space," written by a very underrated science fiction and fantasy author, Chester S. Geier.  American Singleton Bade would have never imagined that gigantic bird-like creatures could exist in the cold, hard reality of the 20th Century. Furthermore, Bade never would have dreamed that one of these creatures would take him on a roller coaster ride back through time, to a place reminiscent of the fanciful worlds of “The Arabian Nights.” Was he hallucinating or was it real?  He soon realized that not only was this new world real, but that his winged companion, a mythical creature known simply as a “roc,” had brought him there for a purpose—there was only one man who could thwart the plans of the evil prince, Meznir—and that man was Singleton Bade, known to his comrades simply as “Sinbad.”  Before long Bade found himself caught up in a web of deadly intrigue—an intrigue that would pit the forces of good against evil and send him hurtling into the depths of outer space.  The second novel is “The Enormous Room” by science fiction icons, H.L. Gold and Robert W. Krepps. “The Enormous Room” was first published in Amazing Stories, the November issue, 1953.  Howard Browne was the editor, having taken over the position from Raymond A. Palmer at the beginning of 1950.  Browne was given the job of taking Amazing away from the pop gun style of sci-fi that had been Palmer’s stock and trade for many years.  “The Enormous Room” was a fine example of the new direction the magazine had taken.  Here’s his original blurb:  One big name per story is usually considered to be sufficient. So when two of them appear in one by-line, it can certainly be called a scoop; so that’s what we’ll call it. H. L. Gold and science-fiction go together like a blonde and a henna rinse. Robert Krepps is also big time. You may know him also under his other label—Geoff St. Reynard, but a Krepps by any name can write as well. 

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