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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  The first novel is “The Great Mirror” by one of science fiction’s most underrated authors, Arthur J. Burks.  Into the secret heart of Tibet, whence no foreigner had before penetrated, Howard Davies was taken to serve in the strangest conflict ever known.  For over not only Tibet, but over the entire Earth, hung the menace of an outraged Mars and the shadow of a terrible but just retribution.  The Martians wanted their “Great Mirror” back! The Mirror, which had been stolen by the Tibetans, was a seemingly magical device that allowed its users to peer into other worlds or to “transport” themselves to any desired location—anywhere!  And when Davies was magically “transported” into the wilds of Tibet, he and his companions soon found they were the only hope for this desperate Himalayan culture.  However, time was running out for the Lamas, who were slowly being taken over by the Martian invaders; and in the end, Davies and his comrades had to determine whether the Martians were just trying to teach a lesson to the Tibetans, or reap a bloody vengeance against all of humanity.  The second novel, “Terror from the Abyss,” is by Golden Age of Sci-Fi author, John Fletcher.  As Earth became a sterile, worn-out world, the Bureau of Colonization had sent out hundreds of colonization spaceships, hoping to eventually hear of a world that the rest of humanity could flock to.  All of mankind crossed its fingers and waited. Eventually those ships did find a planet, and its name was Nibisia—a beautiful green world wrapped with fertile lands, mighty oceans, clean, fresh air, and inhabited by a race of friendly humanoid creatures.  The settlers from Earth became enthralled with this new world, and soon a few of them discovered an even greater secret—the waters of Nibisia had fantastic properties, and when consumed produced enhanced psychic abilities, unimaginable healing powers, and restored youth.  But all was not right in paradise, and soon one of Earth’s colonists discovered a horrifying secret that could spell doom for any Earthman that set foot on the planet…

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