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Armchair Fiction WEST POINT, 3,000 A. D. & HOLY CITY OF MARS

Armchair Fiction presents illustrated, extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels.  The first novel, “West Point, 3000 A.D.” is by veteran science fiction writer, Manly Wade Wellman.  In the year 3000 New York City had changed dramatically—and not necessarily for the best.  No longer did the common citizen roam the streets in blissful pursuit of a good life.  No—the average person was now subjugated to life in the “Underways,” an underground world beneath the metropolitan streets where men had mutated into misshapen creatures with weak bones and sickly pale skin.  But unlike most of his fellow citizens, Garr Devlin was no simple dweller from the Underways.  He was strong and smart, and before long his life took a series of twists and turns that eventually landed him at West Point for training in “intelligence.”  In the hallowed halls of this famed military school he soon found himself caught up in a web of interplanetary conspiracy—a conspiracy that would pit the forces of Earth against Martian revolutionaries and the people of the Underways.  And for Garr Devlin the question remained…where would his loyalty lie?  The second novel, “The Holy City of Mars” is a grand science fiction adventure, written by Ralph Milne Farley, who laid out this swashbuckling tale much in the style of the great Edgar Rice Burroughs Martian stories.  It is the sequel to his earlier tale, “City of Lost Souls,” which is now available in Armchair Fiction’s “Science Fiction Gems, Volume Twelve.”  Only terror lay in the Martian holy city of Daloss, better known as the City of Lost Souls; but Earthman Don Warren, after three long years, returned to its forbidden gates to find Esta, the daughter of the chieftain—and to avenge the death of his entire regiment.  What he found, though, was a plot that would set the planet Mars spinning on its head.  Only the help of an old foe, long thought to be dead, could save Warren from a fate worse than death and prevent Mars from falling into the hands of a madman.  

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