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Armchair Fiction presents illustrated, extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels.  The first novel is “Gateway to Infinity” written by the acclaimed sci-fi author, Milton Lesser.  Young Earthman Jeremy Armitage had come to the planet Kadwon to bury his uncle.  But soon Jeremy found himself knee-deep in debt and desperate for a job.  Close to his wits end, Jeremy found himself listening to the wild tales of a total stranger.  The stranger spoke of a beautiful young girl and her great grandmother, both of whom were in search of the grail of twenty-second century galactic civilization, a fabled fountain of youth rumored to be somewhere in the vast star clouds beyond Kadwon.  “The World of the Fountain” as it was known, was the destination that Josephine Stedman and her great grandmother, “Captain Eunice” were aiming for; and best of all…they had a map with its location and a spaceship to take them there.  However, the one thing they lacked was a pilot—and that’s were Jeremy Armitage came in.  Unfortunately, there were others who knew of the map, and before long Jeremy found himself in a mad chase across the galaxy to find the “Fountain of Forever” and rescue the girl of his dreams.  The second novel, “Around the Universe” is a grand science fiction adventure, written by Ray Cummings.  Tubby Maguire’s incredible adventure began one night during a poker game while debating the infinite nature of Space with the rest of the players.  Tubby yearned to know more about the vastness of outer space and the mysteries it contained.  He was promptly visited by an odd Professor who seemed to know everything there was to know about the Universe.  And when the Professor showed Tubby his space flier, the two of them were soon off on a grand tour of the Solar System.  However, when they arrived on Venus, Tubby and the professor stumbled upon a diabolical plan concocted by the Martians and the Mecurians for the conquest of Earth.  So what had started as an outer space pleasure tour for Tubby and the strange little professor ended with a mad race through space to avert the danger that hung over Earth. 


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