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Armchair Fiction presents illustrated, extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  Poul Anderson is one of the most beloved science fiction authors of all time.  "A Twelvemonth and a Day" is another fine example of his story-telling prowess.  The travelers from the stars had come to the planet Gwydion on a diplomatic mission.  They consisted of spacemen, diplomats, and soldiers.  What they sought was permission to build an interplanetary spaceport.  However, what they found was a planet of true wonder, a world of sheer physical beauty graced with lofty peaks, sparkling streams, and lush valleys.  Its inhabitants were like no other race of humanoids in the galaxy, seemingly devoid of all vice, with no overt thoughts of selfishness, lust, crime, or killing. It all seemed a little too perfect.  But the Gwydionians were a devoutly religious people, and with the coming of Bale time—the time of religious rejoicing and ecstasy, the visitors from space discovered just how unique the people of Gwydion really were…  The second novel is “Preferred Risk” by Frederik Pohl and Lester del Rey.  The Company was a powerful, efficient, and monstrous organization that controlled the entire world, scientifically regulating everything in life: war, epidemics, one-a-day food pills, and test-tube sex…all through the use of its patented, terrifying human deep-freeze vault. “Preferred Risk” is an extraordinary, prophetic novel of the world of tomorrow from two ingenious science fiction masters, Frederik Pohl and Lester del Rey.  “Preferred Risk” was also the winner of the $6,500 Galaxy-Simon & Schuster novel-writing contest of 1955.  It is a taut science fiction suspense story that asks the challenging question: how dangerous would it be to live in a rigidly risk-free world? 


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