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Armchair Fiction presents illustrated, extra large paperback editions of classic science fiction double novels.  The first novel, “Divided We Fall,” is from the man who gave us “This Island Earth,” Raymond F. Jones.  Arthur Zoran knew something odd was happening on Earth.  Two years earlier when Arthur had left for his mission to Cyprian II everything was fine.  His first letter from Ardyth had seemed so normal, pouring her heart out about her loneliness over his leaving.  But when her next letters arrived heavily censored, Arthur knew something was terribly amiss back on his home planet.  And now, two years later, his worst fears were confirmed.  Arriving back on Earth he discovered the world was in the throes of a planet-wide invasion.  The enemies were called syns—short for “synthetic men.”  These syns, who were virtually identical to normal human beings, had been infiltrating the human race for some time—and mankind had to stop them before it was too late.  But when the love of Arthur’s life was fingered as a syn, he knew the facts about the “invasion” weren’t as clear-cut as men had been led to believe.  So Arthur, against all odds, decided to do something about it…  The second novel is “Vassels of the Lode-Star,” penned by noted author Gardner F. Fox.  Thor Masterson was a rugged Oregonian.  He had cut his teeth in lumber camps, on college football fields, and on the battlefields of a great war.  But success had eventually brought him to Midwestern University and a plush mansion within which he lived.  Then one night his whole world turned topsy-turvy when a strange purple light invaded his library.  Within moments his entire house was ripped from reality and sent tumbling through a space-time stream.  Before he knew it, Thor Masterson found himself on the planet of Klogor, a small world that swung around a sun invisible from Earth.  With him was Karola, a beautiful blonde priestess whose  temple had been raided by a savage race of dwarf-men.  Together, they began a long journey across the red grasslands of this strange world searching for their destinies, and above all, trying to avoid death at the hands of the “Green Flame.”

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