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(1932-1949, Armchair Fiction) Two more great tales from Sci-fi’s Golden Age,  The first is an Jack Williamson gem, “The Lady of Light.” The thousands of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter had once formed a mighty planet.  It had been home to a civilization of humanoid creatures, a race so powerful, so advanced, that even the destruction of their own world had not led to their demise.  They created a new world—Yothanda.  And with the use of cosmic rays, the people of Yothanda had transformed their physical selves into a super beings.  One of those beings was the beautiful Sharothon.  Her chance meeting with two dying space explorers from Earth set in motion a titanic struggle on her world between the forces of good and evil.  Our second novel is Charles Recour’s “Swordsman of Pira,” which is much in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs.  An Earth scientist is sent, via an interdimensional time machine, to a strange alien world.  He encounters a beautiful female warrior and helps her people battle a marauding race of “sub-men” for control of her planet.  Great swashbuckling fun!  

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