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Spies Espionage and Intrigue

Spies Espionage and Intrigue HOT MONEY GIRL

(1959) Eddie Constantine, Dawn Addams, Christopher Lee, Marius Goring, Nadine Tallier.  This is a slick, extremely well-made caper-intrigue movie.  Constantine, Addams, and Goring hatch a plot to recover a lost parcel of priceless jewels from behind the iron curtain.  Their quest takes them to an old nuns’ convent that’s been turned into a police barracks.  Lots of perilous moments follow as they break through security lines in search of the jewels.  Unfortunately, there’s more than one traitor in their midst and before long Eddie and Dawn are in the hands of the police.  It all ends up with a frantic chase throughout a train terminal and an exciting climax atop a railroad bridge.  This is a British film, so you get to hear Eddie’s real voice.  The chemistry between him and Addams is very good.  Goring is great as their smooth-talking yet untrustworthy partner. Lee shines as a slimy villain. 16mm. 

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