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Sci Fi FLASHMAN—Anamorphic Widescreen Edition

(1967) Paul Stevens, Claudie Lange, John Heston, Jack Ary, Anne Williams. Every once in a while we come across a movie that is so bad that it nearly defies description.  Flashman is one of those movies.  Flashman is actually a spoiled British Royal who doesn’t have any superpowers or gadgetry whatsoever—so what’s the point of the costume?  He wears one of the cheapest looking “superhero” getups ever created.  His mask appears to be an over-the-head ski mask with pieces of gray duct tape (or something similar) attached to it.  There are lots of villains running around, including a mafiosa type guy who kills a scientist for his invisibility formula, then robs banks while he’s invisible.  I guess nobody told him that bags of money floating through the air might attract attention.  There’s also a bevy of gorgeous babes who have an elaborate counterfeiting scheme.  So obviously, Flashman has his hands full.  Yet in spite of all this, it almost seems that the purpose of this movie was to make Scotland Yard look like a bunch of bumbling idiots, especially their lead inspector.  There’s a moment involving a hand grenade that will make you howl.  There are actually a few enjoyable campy moments, but for the most part, Flashman is a wonderfully painful experience that all Grade Z enthusiasts will worship.  Great color, widescreen, from 35mm. 

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