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Armchair Fiction presents fully-illustrated, extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels.  The first novel is “Giant Killer” by well known science fiction author Dwight V. Swain.  Somehow humans were growing in size—to a point where death was inevitable.  Storm had to find out why—and stay alive to tell about it.  His determination lead him to a no-nonsense general who seemed to have all the answers—General Dylan Wassek.  Wassek was an interplanetary defense bigwig, and he had a good idea as to the “who” and “why” behind the sudden, unexplainable spurt of human growth everywhere.  So with Wassek’s help, Storm found himself on a dangerous mission to the planet Cereberus to gather the information needed in the fight to save mankind.  But the one thing Storm hadn’t planned on was his meeting Krylla Loy—a pretty Martian blonde who gave him more challenges then he ever thought possible. Falling for her beauty and charms was not in the cards; and keeping them both alive was now his mission… This double novel’s second tale is “Golden Amazons of Venus” written by sci-fi veteran, John Murray Reynolds.  A cold death in the wilds of outer space—that was what Space Ship Commander Gerry Norton was faced with. Norton, a member of the Interplanetary Service, had been tabbed to fly his ship, The Viking, to the cloud-enshrouded planet, Venus.  But he was confronted with one major problem:  No Earth spaceship had ever successfully landed there.  In fact, the solitary prior attempt had ended in total disaster when the journeying Earth vessel—along with her crew—had simply vanished somewhere in the depths of space.  But as fate would have it, Norton and his crew soon found themselves alive and well on the mist-covered planet.  But for how long?  Venus was populated with intelligent life forms—and not all of them friendly.  Eventually Gerry Norton was faced with something far worse than anything the coldness of space could hurl at him:  Dakta Death, and it was horrible beyond the weirdest fever-dreams of any Earthmen…

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