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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels.  The first novel is “Between Worlds” by Garret Smith.  Venus was a peaceful land, its people didn’t know oppression or war.  Its civilization was as unchanging as its eternally light gray sky.  But to the Venusians most of their world was a mystery…until Hunter set out on a risky undertaking to give his people new knowledge of their planet.  He soon made some shocking discoveries—a light side and dark side to their world, an immense ocean, and a race of strange eyeless people.  But strangest of all, above the gray sky, were points of light—one of them a brilliant blue-white.  So Hunter refitted his flying ship to withstand the vacuum of space, and set out to explore that point of light.  It was a bold and perilous journey with an uncertain outcome—to a planet called Earth.  “Between Worlds” originally appeared as a serial in The Argosy in 1919.  This double novel’s second tale is “Planet of Dread” by veteran sci-fi author Rog Phillips.  Jerub Conners was employed by the mighty Grant-Peeble Corporation.  He was a physicist for the company—and a good one.  Then one day strange things began happening in his section’s laboratory, things that Conners himself puzzled over and was initially held responsible for—things that seemed to defy the laws of physics altogether.  But when Conners was able to prove his innocence in these mysterious events, it became apparent that forces from the outside were responsible.  But who or what were these forces, and more importantly…what was their purpose?  The terrible answer lay far out in space on a mysterious world that hovered well beyond Earth’s moon.  It was a dark world whose inhabitants were beyond physical normalcy—and whose intentions toward Earth were anything but benevolent… 

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