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Armchair Fiction presents illustrated, extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels.  The first novel is “The Idols of Wuld” by one of the more underrated authors of the 20th Century, Milton Lesser. The spacemen had enslaved the entire galaxy—star system after star system, planet after planet—all had fallen before their mighty wrath.  And now, centuries later, nearly all memories of these conquered worlds’ former greatness had been erased from memory.  Only the Scholars, armed with staff and disc and a knowledge of the ancient Rites, knew of the former histories of their worlds.  But with the unscheduled landing of alien spaceships it became clear that a new plan was afoot.  Scholars and their like were being gathered up from conquered worlds all across the galaxy.  Erak the Gaunt of the planet Wuld was one such Scholar, and soon he and five of his comrades were hurtling across the void in an enemy ship.  But where were they going…and why?  It was a difficult question to ponder, let alone answer—especially considering there was a traitor in their midst… The second novel is an all time classic; Harry Harrison’s “Planet of the Damned” was nominated for a Hugo award in 1962.  There was no question about it, Dis was a harsh, inhospitable, dangerous world; a planetary madhouse filled with unimaginable perils.  And though it hardly seemed possible, the Magter made it even worse.  The Magter were completely different from the rest of the intelligent species on Dis.  They were argumentative, bloodthirsty—always looking for planetary conquest instead of peace.  They might have been human once, but they were something else now.  The Magter seemed to have one basic desire:  to kill…kill everything—themselves, their planet, even the universe if they could.  Brion Brandd was sent to the planet Dis at the eleventh hour.  His mission was a desperate one—to save Dis if possible.  But before long it looked as though he was going to preside over its annihilation…


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